Propast Recording Studios - Studio A Propast Recording Studios - Studio A

The building, in which Studio A is situated, has been designed from the ground as a world-class recording studio. Acoustic plans were created by Andy Munroe, a world-renowned expert on acoustics, using dynaudioacoustics M4 monitors and mixing console Solid State Logic. Studio A provides daylight, enough space for recording a whole band at once and technical equipment of the highest quality.

Tasks done is Studio A

  • Recording big projects
  • Analog recording (2" 24 channels)
  • Digital recording (NUENDO)
  • Mixing 5.1 soundtracks

Studio equipment


Studio Propast twin bedroom Studio Propast bathroom Studio Propast bar

Because high-quality recordings require a lot of time, it is unlikely everything will be finished in one day. Therefore, we can offer customers a comfortable accomodation for up to 10 people in four twin bedrooms with extra bed possibility and bathroom.

Bar with a small kitchen is also available.